non giudicare chi tenta e fallisce ma chi non vuole tentare

Dear all,

I am really happy my class and me can work here with you.

I wonder how your school day looks like. What time do you get up? How do you get to school? What subject do you study? ....

Thanks for your replies.


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Thanks Petra, to start our project. We will be glad to answer your questions.

I get up at seven- fifteen  a.m  and I go to school by bus, sometimes by car. The subjects that I study are: Italian, History, Geography, Maths, Sciences, Physics, P.E, Informatics, Religion, English, French, Law and Economics.

My school is big and old. It was built on 1970 by a famous Venecian architect.

My daily routine is: I get up at 6:30. I go to school by bus and i come back home at 13:40 pm.

My subject are:Italian, History, Geography, Maths, Sciences, Physics, P.E., Informatics, Religion, English, French, Law and Law and Economics. What about you? 

Every day I get up at half past six and an hour later I take the bus to go to school.

My school is very big. You can lose yourselves in it, because a lot of places and corners are similar. It’s divided into three parts: West, Center and East, that communicates with the Musatti’s school.

There are four different specialization. I’ve chosen the Informatic one.

I really like going to school, because I see my friends and I always have fun with them.

When I returned home, I have to do my homework, that isn’t a lot.

Every time I can, I go out with my friends, but I like staying at home too.

On Friday night I go to my dad’s home and I stay there until Saturday evening.

And what about you?

My school is old and ugly because it's grey. it's divided in three parts: west
part, central part and east part. The first two years are similar for every
course and after that you can choose your specialization. I thin I'm going to
choose the Technology one. My subjects are: Italian, History, Geography, Math,
Sciences, Physics, P.E., Informatics, Religion, English, French, Technology
Education,  Law and Law and Economics. I like going to school because I see my
friends. But every morning I would prefer sleeping instead of going  to school.
Usually I sleep up to at quarter to seven, I go by car or by bicycle. When I'm
at home I do my homework and I talk with my friends, and I stay with my sister
or my brother. What about you?

I’m Denise. I get up at 6.50 and I take the bus at 7.52. I attend the first year of Technical School ‘Maria Lazzari’ of Dolo. The lessons start at 8.05 in the morning and finish at 1.00 p.m. but on Tuesday and Thursday we finish at 2.05 p.m. My school is a very old and large. There are 29 classes, but they are quite small. My class is 2.0 class, that is, we do lessons with our personal computers and we have got an Interactive Whiteboard, it is a project in progress. My opinion of this class 2.0 is positive and I think it is a very good new  method of studying. My subjects are Italian, Math, English, Spanish, Business Economics, Law, Technology , Physics, Physical Education, Geography, History and Biology.

And your school? What about you?

I start school at 8.05. So, I get up at 6.30 and an hour later I take the bus. 
The school is very ugly and it is composed by two parts: block west and block 
east. There are laboratories of technology and of physics, an auditorium, a 
bar, where I and my friends go during the break to buy a pizza or a sandwich.  
I like my school because I am part of the class 2.0 . It is a project where the 
computer replaces books and exercise books.  The project needs of a lot of 
responsibility and I am disposed to do it. In the class there is also an 
interactive multimedia board: a particularly board touch screen. My favourite 
subjects are economy and grammar. I hate physics and biology because in my 
opinion they’re very boring.

I’m Giorgia. I get up at 6 o’clock and I take the bus at 7.15. I attend the first year of the Technical School Maria Lazzari of Dolo. The lesson start at 8.05 in the morning and finish at 1.00 or at 2.00 on Tuesday and Thursday, in the afternoon. My school is a very old and a little gloomy. The school is large but has small classes. In the school there are 29 classes in some of them there is an Interactive Whiteboard. My class is a new class 2.0, an interactive classroom. We do the lesson with our personal computer, this is a very good method for studying. The subjects I study  are Italy, Math, Sciences, Physics, English, Spanish, Economical Business, Law, Technology, Physical Education, Geography, History and Biology.

What about you?



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